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Vineyard Grazing

Sheep grazing in Vineyard Vineyard Grazing in California

The use of sheep grazing in vineyards is an effective method for the management of cover crops, pest plants, weeds and soil.  As an alternative to mowing and application of  herbicides, sheep can be introduced into the rows between vines, effectively avoiding the vines , grapes, leaves and irrigation.  This reduces or eliminates the need for herbicides and chemical fertilizers and can be the most cost efficient way to treat vegetation, as grazing both controls vegetation and inhibits the viability of invasive weeds.

Certain breeds and varieties of sheep will naturally avoid vines in favor of more palatable vegetation in and around the vine.  Sheep can also be conditioned / trained to avoid plants altogether.  Additional benefits of sheep grazing include fertilization, pest reduction, and improving soil structure, permeability and soil viability. 

Video Explaination from UC Extension

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