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Research and Projects

Database and References on Grazing

External links to various scientific and academic resources and research regarding the use and application of grazing:

Targeted Grazing: A natural approach to vegetation management

               College of Natural Resources, University of Idaho


Living Systems Consulting Services

Community Consultation

Living Systems provides a consulting service that includes technical and logistical support for grazers and land managers with an interest in ecological land management, fire protection and grazing management.
Living Systems’ consulting service provides a comprehensive introduction to basic ecological land management practices including: managed grazing, grazing timing, stocking density,  and managing invasive plants, as well as covering broader ecological topics such as energy cycles, plant recovery mechanisms, and native habitat restoration.  For small homeowners with acreages around or under 1 acre, Living Systems can help you set up your own site with fencing and several goats.  Living Systems will teach you how to manage your site and provide as-needed site support.  This includes a site visit, education about your property and its vegetation, and what is needed to set up the site - including fencing, water and food management.  Living Systems can also provide phone and on-site support as well as help in reselling your goats at the end of a project.

Because of our commitment to broadening the application and increasing public awareness of ecological grazing and holistic land management, Living Systems provides consulting services to land owners and small farmers at a lower rate.

Living Systems Grazing Coalition Project

Living Systems, in its commitment to  creating sustainable and holistic mangement principles is in the procss of reaching out to small goat and sheep ranchers who may be interested in a collaborative business relationship with us.  Please feel free to contact us and watch here for more news about this project.