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Homeowners Associations - Vegetation Management

In recent years, municipal mandates for the prevention of seasonal wildfires have encouraged homeowners to become proactive in managing their land holdings.  LSLM specializes in Open Space and Fuel Management for homeowners associations (HOAs) throughout California. LSLM provides the most comprehensive and customized service for communities within the urban / wildland interface. We work closely with HOA board members, property management companies and local fire authorities, providing high quality vegetation management of HOA open space.

Vegetation Management in California


In the past decade, homeowners have turned to managed grazing more than ever— and not only because it’s proven to be cost efficient, quiet and ecologically beneficial.   Managed grazing is an opportunity for your community to participate in its own fire safety and land stewardship. LSLM holds Community Outreach Days and offers one of a kind interactions with goats, trained herding dogs and LSLM specialists, bringing neighbors together while enhancing their awareness of community, fire safety, ecology, and hazard mitigation.