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About Living Systems

Living Systems Land Management (LSLM) is a Greater Bay Area company with a decade of environmental stewardship.  We provide Grazing Service throughout the state for the prevention of catastrophic wildfire and for land restoration.  LSLM is committed to sustainability and to enhancing our valuable natural resources, recognizing the importance of environmental and sustainable practice within the evolving marketplace, where 'green' and environmental practice is increasingly becoming a priority - both in terms of profitability and for the health and welfare of communities, families and ecosystems.  


LSLM provides unmatched customer care and service, where long-term business relationships are valued and actively developed through multi-year contracting.  LSLM endeavors to create relevant and highly customized services for individuals, neighborhoods and municipal agencies serving the public interest.  LSLM service is affordable, professional, reliable and intelligent.   Through various partnerships within the resource management, fire mitigation and conservation communities, our highly skilled and qualified staff provide a service that is unique, well informed, friendly and unparalleled within the industry.


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