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Green Business/Sustainability

Since our inception as a business entity we have structured our business in a way that acknowledges the importance of sustainability - ecologically and, more broadly, on a social and community level. As we are committed to providing a truly ecological service we endeavor and actively seek innovative and alternative methods for managing the land. Living Systems is committed to becoming a truly green business.  Recently, we have incorporated the use of biofuel as a means to offset our Carbon Footprint and move closer to the goal of Carbon Neutrality. Additionally, we have incorporated solar voltaic technologies and eco-friendly cleaning products and have an active onsite recycling protocol for all of our shepherds and employees. Future plans include partnering with local grazers in non-local municipalities-- in order to reduce the use of fossil fuels for hauling animals between locations, and to further the use and promotion of biofuels as an alternative to gasoline.

As green technologies become more readily available and more economically feasible, businesses such as LSLM are able to implement these new technologies and embrace new corporate paradigms that emphasize ecological sustainable practices rather than the bottom line. Although the grazing industry as a whole has yet to realize its capacity for sustainability and sensitivity to environmental issues, many graziers have begun to incorporate more sustainable and green practices into their operations. We welcome any feedback and suggestions as we continue to develop “greener” methods and modify existing ecological practices as our knowledge and sensitivity to the complex environmental and ecological landscape increases