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Grazing Technique

Modern Grazing technique employs a different methodology than traditional grazing. What’s more, modern grazing technique employs the holistic model which emphasizes sustainable practice in favor of production based, sustenance practices.

Contemporary grazing techniques are based upon the premise that grazing animals can be utilized as a tool for the maintenance and restoration of lands. Furthermore, modern grazing technique has developed through the application of grazing as a primary means to balance and attend to lands ecologically— different from traditional production based “non’-ecological models which derive mainly from confined system grazing systems which are essentially “non- sustainable” and not economically viable.

There are a variety of techniques graziers can utilize to mange lands sustainable including; bioregion specific grazing timing models, that target specific plants. Additionally, design of enclosures and/or exclosures based upon terrain, vegetation type, and strategic placement of water and supplemental feed, have a considerable effect on animal impact, and are important techniques every grazer should be aware of and utilize.

Similarly, graziers can modify feed supplementation to target certain types of vegetation, can utilize mixed or multi-species grazing to target or focus grazing activity, and can employ a variety of other simple feed supplement based techniques that focus and target grazing activity.

These are examples of some of the techniques involved in modern managed grazing systems. It is important to distinguish modern grazing activity from “traditional pastoral system grazing” , as modern grazing is a more ecologically oriented, precise and effective way to treat lands compared to “traditional system”.

Through the application of these techniques which also include behavioral and psychological animal husbandry techniques, grazing becomes a tenable and effective tool for resource management.